Who benefits [Show/Hide]

The movements are beneficial for persons of all ages, abilities and walks of life. Children especially find them to be fun and easy to do. Anyone who wants to move forward to a goal that will improve quality of life will benefit .The program has demonstrated rapid, far-reaching and lasting results.

In what ways it helps Kids, Juniors, Seniors and Senior+ [Show/Hide]

It improves

Listening Skills
Left and Right Brain Coordination
Memory Power
Self Confidence
Positive Attitude
Personality Skills
Life Skills
Leadership Skills
Communication Skills

Does it contribute to physical as well as mental changes? [Show/Hide]

Doing Brain Exercises has been shown to provide improved blood flow & balance, better oxygenation and a healthier physiology.

How frequently do [Show/Hide]

Those who show the greatest improvement do a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes a day

One of Brain Exercises valuable features is that it becomes self-monitoring as participants recognize its value and benefits.

Many Kids, Juniors, Seniors and Adults have found that starting the day with Brain Exercises helps them calm down, focus and perform better throughout the day.

Any Special equipment required [Show/Hide]

No, just an interest in moving forward easily in one’s life, setting goals and balancing for achievement of goals.